What is Beet Hub?

As said in the logo, Beet Hub is the Netflix of Beats, made for artists and producers.

It's pretty hard finding a beat that suits you; Beet Hub makes it easier to choose the kind of beat you'd want. From various genres, type-beats, and producers, Beet Hub is a mix of Netflix and Beatstars, easier and cheaper to use!

What inspired Beet Hub?

An artist once said, "Man, is there a Netflix for beats or something?" This was said as a joke, but basically sparked the idea of Beet Hub.

Why Beet Hub, not Beat Hub?

Originally, Beat Hub was taken on many social accounts. Beat Hub wouldn't be seen as unique, unlike Beet Hub. It gets people wondering, "What is this all about?" Which leads to the conclusion that you are here, reading this blog.

How do producers upload their beats?

It's simple really, just email :

-Your # of videos + the titles

-Producer name

-Beat Genre's

-Link to your beat store or direct purchase page for beats

And that's really all it is. Thanks for being a part of us :)


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